Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Soy Cuba

I watched Soy Cuba after seeing the image above (I was very curious about it). It’s early on in the film, during the club floorshow scene.

A kind of anthology of stories that builds into a unique take on Cuba through the eyes of various protagonists - a single young woman, living in the shanties; a cane farmer; a middle-class student radical; a soon-to-be freedom fighter.

The camerawork is absolutely stunning, especially during the mind-blowing single-take sequences. In one moment, the camera follows a funeral procession, enters a building, moves through the office and then out of another window, back to the procession - but several storeys up in the air. I couldn’t figure out how they did it.

The movie is so visually arresting - I’ll probably upload some stills from it over the coming days. You know how I get a bit of a film-on for some movies.

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