Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Nathan Fillion to Play Ant Man?

Nathan Fillion to Play Ant Man?

Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) has been attached to the Ant Man project for some time; the character isn't really known outside of comic-book stores, but he's one of the most interesting/bizarre inventions in the Marvel canon.

Fillion is a fanboy favourite and seems like an ideal fit for the role of Henry Pym, the genius who becomes Ant Man. Given my girls adoration of him (she got in line to meet him a few years ago), as well as an Edgar Wright zealot, she's in hog heaven.


  1. Never mind all this talk of bugs.
    When are you going to review True Blood (Season2)?

  2. haha! I'm not sure it fits the remit of this blog, dear Catastrophe. TrueBlood (season 2) sounds like a TV show to me.

    What am I saying? I know it's a TV show. I've seen it. 'Better than the first season' - how does that sound?

    Thank you for finding my blog CW, and for your comments.

  3. So you'll only discuss TrueBlood when they make the series into a film then, huh?


  4. I did just discuss it. I said 'better than the first season', see? I could go further and say 'better than the book' but then I think I'm on thin ice.

    Anyway, it isn't a movie. And it's got nothing to do with Nathan Fillion, nor Ant Man.

    Vampire Bill's wifeling was a nice addition.